Forced Air Unit

Two-Stage Air-Source Heat Pump with Steffes Off-Peak Furnace

This system combines any type of two-stage air-source heat pump (ASHP) and a Steffes Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) to supplement the ASHP when temperatures drop below 20º. The Residential Comfort Plus Rate is designed for this type of system.

The Residential Comfort Plus Rate

The Residential Comfort Plus Rate is designed to easily move high electrical use appliances off of the peak electrical use times. By shifting high use appliances (home heating/cooling and water heating) to run during less expensive time periods, the Co-op can save on power costs.

The Steffes Comfort Plus System

The Comfort Plus Forced Air unit is a ducted heating system designed to be the sole heating system (“stand alone” furnace) or used in conjunction with an ASHP for residential applications. Its ability to store off-peak energy and efficiently deliver heat makes this one of the most advanced heating systems available today.

The Certified Installers

There are a handful of HVAC contractors who have completed training offered by Steffes.

Air-Source Heat Pump with Fossil Fuel Furnace

If your fossil fuel furnace is still operating well, lower your propane/fuel oil costs by adding an ASHP to it. Use the ASHP to give you central cooling in the summer and heating down to about 20º outside. The Residential Single-Phase Rate applies here.

Geothermal Heat Pump

At 300%+ efficiency levels, this system uses the ground and water to provide you with a high efficient heating & cooling system. Types include horizontal loop, vertical loop, lake loops and open loops. Area installers include:; Espyville Heating & Cooling. The Residential Single-Phase Rate applies here.

Dual Fuel System

Install an Electric Plenum Heater on the Interruptible Heat Rate with a 2-gang meter base and save 42% off our standard rate. More about The Residential Interruptible Heat Rate.