ETS Room Unit

Electric Thermal Storage Units

This is our longest running off-peak heating option and a great savings for members with existing electric baseboard heat. ETS individual room units are installed in the desired area. Electric water heating is required. Members have 2 meters and 2 electric panels (Standard and Discount). Standard meter/panel is for items we don't interrupt and Discount meter/panel is for things we do interrupt during peak periods. Discounted meter has a device installed to shut power off to this panel during peak times. All ETS room units, electric baseboard heat, and electric water heater are placed on the Discount panel. This option is best for members putting on an addition or tweaking their current heating system and there is no desire for air-conditioning.

The Residential Interruptible Heat Rate

The Residential Interruptible Heat Rate is designed to move high electrical use appliances off of the peak electrical use times. By shifting high use appliances (home and water heating, de-humidifiers, dishwashers, pool pumps, pool heaters etc.) to run during less expensive time periods, the Co-op can save on power costs.

The Steffes Room Units

Room units are non-ducted heaters designed to heat the room or area into which they are placed. During off-peak hours, ETS heaters convert electricity into heat and store that heat in specially designed high-density ceramic bricks. These bricks are capable of storing vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time. The amount of heat stored in the brick core of the heater is regulated (manually or automatically) according to seasonal weather conditions.

The Certified Installers

There are a handful of HVAC contractors who have completed training offered by Steffes.