Hydronic ETS Unit

Hydronic (Water) Boiler

This boiler system stores heat in the brick during off-peak periods and then pulls the heat from the bricks to heat your home at discounted rate on the Residential Heat Shift Rate. The Steffes boiler can be used as a stand-alone boiler.

The Residential Heat Shift Rate

The Residential Heat Shift Rate is designed to easily move high electrical use appliances off of the peak electrical use times. By shifting high use appliances (home heating/cooling and water heat-ing) to run during less expensive time periods, the Co-op can save on power costs.

The Steffes Hydronic Boiler

During off-peak hours, when electricity costs and energy usage generally are substantially lower, the Comfort Plus Hydronic unit converts electricity into heat and stores that heat in specially designed high-density ceramic bricks located inside the unit.

The Certified Installers

There are a handful of HVAC contractors who have completed training offered by Steffes.

In-Floor (Radiant Tubing) Heat Bank

If you have or plan to put radiant tubing in your concrete floor, you may have a perfect application for off-peak heat. Depending on the size of the mass, this concrete slab may be able to act as your heat storage (instead of purchasing an electric thermal storage unit). Call Energy Solutions at 1-800-352-0014 to see if your situation is right for this option.

Geothermal Heat Pump

At 300%+ efficiency levels, this system uses the ground and water to provide you with a high efficient heating & cooling system. Types include horizontal loop, vertical loop, lake loops and open loops. Area installers include: www.wpghci.com; Espyville Heating & Cooling. The Residential Single-Phase Rate applies here.

Dual Fuel

If your fossil fuel boiler is still working and you want to reduce your energy costs, install a standard electric boiler on our Residential Interruptiple Heat Rate with a 2 Gang Meter Base and save 42% off our standard rate. Your fossil fuel will provide your heat during our peak periods.