The Unbundled Rate Detail

$.04937 per kWh Standard Panel
$.02894 per kWh Discount Panel

$.01105 per kWh Standard Panel
$.00170 per kW Discount Panel

$.04062 per kWh Standard Panel
$.03440 per kWh Discount Panel

$50.00 Cost of Service
(effective 4/1/2023)


Who is eligible for this rate?

This rate applies to full-time, single-phase residential service requiring a 50 KVA or less transformer, where electricity is the primary source of home heating/cooling and an electric water heater is used for domestic water heating.

This rate requires a back-up heat source and prior approval by our energy solutions department.


How does the rate work?

An electrician will install a two-gang meter base on the home and members will have two panels wired to their home: Standard Panel and a Discount Panel. The standard panel is used for breakers that will not be interrupted during peak electrical use times, such as freezers, lighting, refrigerators, etc. The discount panel is used for breakers that will be interrupted during peak electrical use times such as electric boilers, electric baseboard, electric thermal storage units, plenum heaters, water heater, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, pool pumps, pool heaters, etc.


How often is the Discounted Panel Interrupted?

Interruption varies from Winter to Summer. Based on the past 25 years, this ranges be-tween 2% and 8% of the available hours in a month. If installed properly, members should never notice that power to the Discount Panel had been interrupted.


What types of heating systems qualify for the rate?

All Electric:
Steffes Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) boiler.
Electric baseboard with ETS room units.
Electric ceiling cable with ETS room units.

Dual Fuel Conversion:
Standard electric boiler (primary heat source) installed with a functioning fuel oil or propane boiler as back-up source.

Not sure if your situation is approved for this rate? Call us and ask.

Residential Interruptible Heat Rate