The Unbundled Rate Detail

Level 1 Discounts (Boilers < 20kW)
First 1,000 kWh's, $.10104
Shoulder Months (Nov., Dec., Apr. & May)
Next 2,000 kWh's, $.06604
Winter Months (Jan., Feb. & Mar.)
Next 3,500 kWh's, $.06604
After Discount Bucket, $.10104

Level 2 Discounts (Boilers 20 - 40kW)
First 1,000 kWhs $.10104
Shoulder Months (Nov, Dec, Apr & May)
Next 3,500 kWh's, $.06604
Winter Months (Jan., Feb. & Mar.)
Next 5,250 kWh's, $.06604
After Discount Bucket, $.10104

$45.00 Cost of Service
(effective 4/1/2023)


Who is eligible for this rate?

This rate applies to full-time, single-phase residential service requiring a 50 KVA or less transformer, where an electric boiler/heating system up to 40 kW is the primary source of heating and an electric water heater is used for domestic water heating. There is no air-conditioning on this rate.

A heating contractor will install a Steffes boiler or standard boiler that is up to 40 kW as the primary heating source. If using the Steffes boiler, no back-up heat is required. If using a standard electric boiler, a fossil fuel back-up is required.

How does the rate work?

Only one panel and one meter are needed for this rate. A Co-op employee will install a demand response unit (DRU) on the Steffes brick furnace that will interrupt power to the brick furnace and water heater during peak energy use times.

The electric boiler will be the primary heat source. Heat stored in the Steffes brick boiler will automatically be used to provide your heat during energy shift periods. This is all done without you ever knowing it! For dual fuel, when the standard electric boiler energy use is being shifted, the back-up heat source will be used.

“Go Electric Savings” are shown each month on your bill after you have used 1,000 kWhs. Discount level is determined by the size of the controlled load and vary based on Shoulder Months and Winter Months. No discount is provided during Summer months.

How often is the DRU Interrupted?

Energy shifting varies from Winter to Summer. Based on the past 25 years, this ranges between 2% and 8% of the available hours in a month. If installed properly, members should never notice that this energy shift is occurring.

What types of heating systems qualify for the rate?

All Electric:
Steffes Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) boiler.

Dual Fuel Conversion:
Standard electric boiler (primary heat source) installed with a functioning fossil fuel source as back-up source.

Not sure if your situation is approved for this rate? Call us and ask.

Residential Heat Shift Rate