Your Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors

The members/owners of Northwestern REC elect a ten-member Board of Directors to represent them and to oversee the operation of the co-op.

Current Board of Directors:

District 5 » Kathy Cooper-Winters, Chair, Allegheny Electric Co-op Director, National Cooperative Services Corp. Director

District 9 » Lisa Chausse, Vice Chair

District 3 » Michael Sample, Secretary

District 2 » Jesse "Earl" Koon, Treasurer, PREA Director

District 1 » Karl E. Ebert

District 4 » Robert Agnew

District 6 » Kim Docter

District 7 » David Snyder

District 8 » Marian Davis

District 10 » Lanny Rodgers


For more information, call us during regular business hours at 1-800-352-0014, or email us anytime.