Large Power

Large Power



Any single phase service with transformer capacity greater than 50 KVA and all three phase services up to 1,000 KVA; upon election by any small commercial or public authority consumer for a minimum of 12 consecutive months subject to the established rules and regulations.


Generation: $.03388 per kWh; $ 7.05 per kW

Transmission: $.01295 per kWh

Distribution: $ 74.50 Cost of Service

  • 1st 200 kWh per kW @ $.00510 per kWh
  • Next 200 kWh per kW @ $.00440 per kWh
  • Over 400 kWh per kW @ $.00300 per kWh
  • $ 3.38 per kW first 5 kW
  • $ 5.98 per kW next 495 kW
  • $ 3.48 per kW over 500 kW

Excess Facilities: 1.32% per dollar of investment in Excess Facilities which are dedicated to serve the load.


The consumer may as an option elect to receive generation service based upon the following prices:

  • $.027760 per kWh
  • $ 4.65 per kW of Generation 5 CP Demand
  • $ 10.72 per kW of Generation 12 CP Demand
  • $ 3.00 per kW of Excess Demand
  • $ 5.95 per kW of Transmission CP Demand

To receive this option, the consumer shall be charged for the excess cost of special metering based upon the additional cost of said metering times the Cooperative’s then effective fixed charge rate, or at the Cooperative’s option, the CP Cost of Service Charge shall apply.

For the billing months of January through the following December, the Generation 5 CP Billing Demand shall be the arithmetic average of the consumer’s 60-minute demands measured during the same five hours from the previous June 1 through September 30 that are used by Allegheny Electric Cooperative to establish the Cooperative’s wholesale billing demands. The Generation NCP Demand shall be the maximum demand established by the consumer for any fifteen (15) minute period during the current month.

The Transmission CP Demand and the Generation 12 CP Demand in each month shall be the consumer’s 60-minute demand coincident with the Transmission billing peak as determined pursuant to Allegheny Electric Cooperative’s wholesale rate. The consumer's Excess Demand in each month shall be equal to the Generation NCP Demand less the Generation 12 CP Demand.


The minimum monthly charge shall be the highest one of the following charges:

1. The minimum monthly charge specified in contract for service.

2. A charge of $74.50, plus the kilowatt demand charge equal to half the highest demand during the preceding 11 months, including metered kWh usage.

3. $74.50


1. Bills will be issued monthly. The actual billing date will depend upon the applicable bill cycle. Full payment should be received in the Cooperative office by the date shown on the billing statement.

2. A service charge will be added to any unpaid amount after the due date. That charge shall be one and one half percent ( 1½% ) of the unpaid balance, or $1.00, whichever is greater.

3. Collection of unpaid amounts will be made in accordance with established rules and regulations.


The charge(s) for generation service shall be increased or decreased in accordance with the Cooperative’s Generation Cost Adjustment Clause, Schedule “GCA”.


Commencing with issuance of bills on/about Jan. 1, 2019.