District 1

District 1

District 1: Springfield, Conneaut, Girard, Elk Creek, Fairview, and Franklin townships and Platea Borough in Erie County and Monroe and Conneaut townships in Ashtabula County.

Northwestern REC holds nominating meetings in the early spring time. In 2019, the following Cooperative member was elected by the membership to serve as District 1 director. His term will last three years. Elections take place before and during the Annual Meeting.


Karl E. Ebert


Karl Ebert has work experience in both labor and management in several companies. He worked in a machine shop and was a Steel Workers grievance man there while attending Mercyhurst College. He earned a BA in Accounting, Magna Cum Laude, in 1983 and he also has a BA degree in English from Thiel College.

He was employed as an Accountant with manufacturing companies for over 23 years. Karl considers himself a moderate conservative who believes in fiscal responsibility. Mr. Ebert also serves the people of Franklin Township as an elected auditor.

Karl and his wife became Co-op members when they moved to Franklin Township in 2000. The couple has two grown daughters.

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