Crawford Gives Day

Crawford Gives Day

On Wednesday, October 2 we will be participating in Crawford Gives, which is a collective philanthropy effort across the Crawford County.


Please follow along with us as we raise awareness for this important initiative, and raise awareness for our mission and needs. We have a goal of raising $1,000 during this week. We need your help to get us there.


Here's what you can do:

1. Follow our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Comment on our posts and share our posts on your social channels.


2. Use your influence in person, via email or social media to encourage your network to consider a donation to our organization during this week. Let them know that you support us and why.


3. Make a donation to our organization during the Crawford Gives on Wednesday, October 2 at Your donation will be prorated through the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation match fund.


Let's give together, so we can win together.

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